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We, at Rainbow Connection, are proud of our motto "A Loving and Learning Place" and we are committed to living and sharing it every day.  All children are lovingly accepted regardless of race, faith, ethnic group or physical limitations.  By providing appropriate activities, materials and  equipment,  we enable each and every child to achieve his/her optimum learning experience.

In our facilities, we provide a  variety of “Learning Centers”.  These learning centers help each child to grow and develop physically, academically, socially and emotionally.   Also, we believe it is greatly important for the children to learn to respect themselves, one another, their teachers, and their physical environment.  We teach this by applying rules consistently, emphasizing cooperation and sharing, and by providing discipline through teaching.  We also believe it is vitally important that children learn to independently resolve issues with each other.  With appropriate supervision, we encourage this wholeheartedly!

The finest in childcare is found under the Rainbow!!!



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